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Using a combination of experiential, apprentice-style, and learning facilitation approaches, we help develop leadership potentials to their optimum value. We engage in Executive Coaching to help potential leaders see new possibilities they could never have imagined.

Our leadership development and coaching services may include, but not limited to;

  • Executive Coaching
  • Enterprise Leadership Development
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness
  • Change Leadership Capability Building

From organizational diagnosis to organizational re-design, G&T PRO helps organizations navigate change and become more effective. We specialize in strengthening your core competencies, fine-tuning your long-term development strategies, improving interdepartmental collaboration, bolstering communication plans, and reducing costs through greater efficiency.

Our solutions stem from a combination of experience and knowledge, and they deliver instantly visible results.

We help design strategies that make a difference. We identify the core issues, help you develop actionable strategies, and draw up practical implementation plans to tackle such concerns.


We are facilitators of the public sector, assist with government relations, and have strategic relationships and partnerships.

We help firms comply with regulatory requirements and navigate the complexities of government transactions. Our practice helps our clients manage government engagement and carry out country risk analysis.


G&T PRO assists international companies who wish to pitch for the Nigerian and Sub-Saharan African government projects. We help in the bidding and RFP submission processes.

We help firms and organizations build the right partnerships and relationships to operate in the public sector. Our understanding of our catchment market is deep, our network vast, and our solutions are ethical.


At G&T PRO, we understand that each organization is unique; therefore, we customize leadership skills training programs that meet your specific business needs. These programs will help to reinforce your desired culture, support your organizational structure, and empower your strategy.

We run in-plant specialized leadership skills development programs. We also address individual leadership skill gaps.

We help organizations develop long-term leadership pipelines.

G&T PRO works with you to develop a leadership and organizational competency model that enables you to identify, assess, and develop personnel within your organization.


At G&T, we constantly study the impact of legislation and policies across a wide range of issues facing our clients.

We understand that our clients, who are both public sector agencies and private company leaders are making complex decisions involving regulated industries, complicated commercial arrangements, taxation, partnerships that operate at the intersection of legislative and political regulatory, and commercial considerations.

G&T experts, many of whom have held critical positions in government and business, have years of experience advising on concrete, actionable and workable solutions for resolving competing considerations, will analyze policies and legislation from the standpoint of experience, and advise appropriately.


We provide you with unique information, insights, and data that help prepare you and your organization to operate with the assurance you need in an uncertain and chaotic environment.

G&T also has a robust research database that helps our clients across boards. We mine and analyze data that helps organizations make informed decisions. We have over 100 research associates in our network.